Leading Successful Meetings

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How to increase the output of your meetings

Idea and target of this training

When you work in an international organization, you spend a great deal of time in business meetings – “Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.” But how do you get a better quality business meeting? Leading successful meetings will help you improve your leadership behavior in your international working environment. You will learn some simple techniques to improve the outcome of your meetings, so that your meetings are productive and efficient and not the typical time-wasters everybody complains about. If they are run well, meetings are a very powerful tool to communicate and solve problems, and this training will help you leverage that opportunity.


  • Planning the meeting: the crucial questions
  • Defining the outcome
  • Working properly with the agenda
  • Communication skills for leaders of business meetings
  • How to take the lead in communication
  • How to deal with difficult participants
  • How to cut off talkative participants
  • How to get consensus on difficult problems
  • Working with visualization
  • Keeping your time on track
  • Improving your outcome with better action items

And what is special about this training?

This is an intensive, highly practically oriented training using participants’ cases. Negotiation sequences are practised in English, so that participants can gain confidence in the subtleties of negotiation English.


The following methods are used in this training: Theory input, individual and group exercises, participants’ cases-studies with video analysis.

Number of participants

10 participants maximum

Target audience

Managers and members of staff who hold international negotiations.

Allendorf Beate

Beate Allendorf
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19. – 20. Oktober 2023
2 Days | 9:00 – 17:00

1.280,00 EUR zzgl. MwSt.

Borselstr. 28, 22765 Hamburg


The seminar price includes the entire catering during the event: coffee, tea, mineral and still water, juice, fresh fruits, biscuits and lunch in a nearby restaurant.