Managing Conflicts

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A modular online training for dealing with disagreements

Idea and target of this training

This seminar will help participants to identify and to effectively deal with conflict in situations. It will demonstrate how to take control of conflicts, and by focusing on participants’ individual attitudes to conflict, will help to understand their own behaviour and to work towards positive outcomes. By analysing the environment and the parties involved, participants will become familiar with their options in addressing conflicts. A range of de-escalation communication techniques will be trained to enable participants to lead effectively or to moderate conflict conversations with their colleagues, customers or managers.



  • Understanding conflict styles
  • Communicating in conflicts
  • Identifying the source of conflicts
  • Controlling conflict escalation
  • Planning for conflict meetings
  • Negotiating in a conflict
  • Reaching collaborative outcome

Module 1: Basic Conflict Approaches

  • Communicating in conflicts ‚Äď using language to steer the conflict and reduce escalation
  • Anticipating different types of conflict and knowing when to trigger and not to trigger a conflict

Module 2: Assertive Conflict Resolution

  • Preparing for conflict discussions ‚Äď structuring different types of conflict meetings to achieve different goals
  • Building assertiveness ‚Äď dealing with difficult people while still aiming to fulfill goals

Advanced Conflict Response

  • Dealing with objections ‚Äď handling resistance while still aiming for collaboration
  • Seeing projects as negotiations ‚Äď applying negotiation techniques to improve quality of goals



Jason Harman

Jason Harman

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15. Januar 2024 + 29. Januar 2024

2 modules x 4 hours each | 09:00-13:00

1.390,00 EUR zzgl. MwSt.